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Foreign Exchange, better known as FOREX or FX is one of the most commonly traded assets in binary option trading. The basis of FOREX is that it takes two currencies and compares them directly to one another. Essentially, in trading this form of asset, you are predicting whether one currency is likely to be stronger than anothe See more 26/4/ · A double one-touch binary, for example, will pay off in the event that it is breached before expiration. The option will earn more money as it becomes more in-the-money. The However, if you trade after the U.S. market hours (saw 7PMAM EST or so), you might actually be best off trading a currency pair containing one or both of the JPY (Japanese yen) or AUD 1/11/ · When you’re trading stocks, for example, you are limited to one asset. The good thing about Binary Options is that you are free to choose your assets. You can choose between You can choose on what basis to trade the best assets to trade binary options assets – most of them are traded on hour.. If you think the index will be above $3, at 11 a.m., you buy ... read more

If you have the flexibility in your schedule to alter your sleeping patterns in order to trade during a desired time window, this is great. But there is always a way to integrate the two together and rarely a need to dive head-first into something at the expense of everything else in life. And sometimes, naturally, you may simply not have the time altogether for trading. For the span of several months, I often do not trade at all because I am a full-time university student and simply cannot prioritize trading or posting here to my blog.

Now depending on where this time window falls, it can determine which asset s you decide to trade. For instance, if you are trading the European market hours or the U. session, or when these two markets overlap, you can never go wrong trading assets with European currencies or those that also include either the USD U.

dollar or CAD Canadian dollar. However, if you trade after the U. market hours saw 7PMAM EST or so , you might actually be best off trading a currency pair containing one or both of the JPY Japanese yen or AUD Australian dollar , as these currencies will be more actively trading during the openings of the Japanese and Australian trading hours. In terms of market hours, here are rough approximate estimates of when the three main continental market sessions open and close and the corresponding uptick you can expect in volatility of various currencies during these times:.

Asian session : 11PM-8AM GMT European session : 7AM-4PM GMT North American session : 12PM-8PM GMT. The U. For example, the middle eastern stocks exchange timings are not easy to be adjusted by the UK or US trader because the DFM is 8 hours ahead of New York Exchange.

So, either you have to leave that asset or wake up late at night to execute your trades. Some brokerage firms take their days off on weekends because not many traders want to use the platform for technical analysis. To trade on weekends, choose a broker who supports weekend transactions. You can also contact customer support for more information regarding the trade timings. Due to closing hours, the market actions become flat, and the trading volume drops, giving you a low responsive chart and not a healthy market.

However, these restrictions and be disabled with few alterations by finding an idea brokerage firm and using other available assets.

The binary options are a versatile market with numerous assets available to trade in. but all these assets are not present all the time. This is because different places have different time zones.

In the binary market, forex and stocks are heavily traded, especially during the overlapping of major stock market time. The US stocks are widely popular, and they are opened usually between pm GMT to 8 pm GMT or am EST to 4 pm EST. the activities face a drop between 4 pm GMT and 5 pm GMT. On the weekdays, European stocks like Xetra Dax and FTSE are traded from 11 am to pm GMT. These are the standard times when the binary market opens and closes. But the trading time highly depends on the binary options trading platform you are using.

You can always contact customer support to know the trading times for your desired assets. Due to low activities on weekends, the market is not that responsive. Hence, planning and strategizing the weekend trading on binary is the best option to gain profit.

Gap trading means price jumps and is used in the forex market. This trading strategy is best for the weekend as you can trade the gaps in the currencies. The price jumps are caused when some force moves the market and triggers the price to go from one level to another whilst skipping some price levels in between. There are many reasons for the occurrence of price gaps like, when the volume is high, they can be created once the new movements are about to start.

Closing gaps are witnessed mostly on weekends because usually, these days are taken off by other traders, and the new movements are highly implausible. And not a large number of traders are required to form the closing gaps.

When those traders invest in the same direction, other traders believe it to be a mistake, start investing in another direction. For the upward gap, they will sell their assets, causing a fall in the market, and eventually, the gap will close. In the downward gap, the investors will start purchasing assets, causing a rise in the market again, which will lead to a close in gaps. If there is a low volume market on the weekends, brace yourself , as the chances of closing the gaps are high.

If you believe the gap is definitely going to close, you can then easily perform your trades because: First, you are aware of the price target, and second, the expiration time. With this data, only you can trade the high and low types of currencies and even the commodities. Put forward by John Bollinger; these are statistical charts that depict the volatility and the price of an asset over a period of time.

This signals you a price channel that the financial market is improbable to set aside. Bollinger bands are said to be high in prediction, especially on the weekends. There are three lines:. The Bollinger bands are extremely helpful during weekends, and using them properly will give you maximum benefits. The reason behind this is that with more traders and events happening in the financial industry, the movements will increase, leading to variations in the Bollinger band s. But if the market has low volume, it will become stable, and the chances of any extensive action are less likely to happen.

This makes the bands more precise and beneficial. First, you have to open your trading platform and choose the desired asset. Then open the price chart and use the Bollinger Bands. Secondly, let the market reach the lines of the Bollinger band. And at last, make your forecast about the market turn around.

These are some of the standard approaches which can be used. However, you can formulate your own tactics also. There are many different ways to generate prospects on the weekends. The binary trading is easy and effective not only on the weekdays but on the weekends as well. With the right broker, you can trade in currencies, commodities, and many other financial derivatives. During the weekdays, when the major stock market timings overlap, you get more movements.

However, many traders do not trade during the days off and take their leave. On the weekends, you have a different trading environment with different opportunities. The number one rule is to find a binary options broker who offers you the services of weekend trading. Then apply your strategies and keep trading. Show all posts. Write a comment abort. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Binary trading has been so popular in recent years due to its simplicity and availability. In fact, binary trading is for everyone who would like to become a trader and earn money. Many brokers and platforms are available, which offer different options for all traders. In the core of binary trading are the assets.

Every binary options platform offers different assets, but in general, they all revolve around the same types. Currency trading is the most common type of trading which you can find on all binary options platforms. Currency trading means that you as a trader are investing on the currency pairs, and their exchange rate.

This type of asset is known by the name Foreign Exchange, FOREX or FX. What do you think — will the EUR go up compared to USD, or will it be the other way around? Currency exchange is the most popular trading asset since it is the easiest to understand. Trading with stocks is not a new thing, since many investors have been working and trading with stocks for years.

However, binary stock trading is a relatively new thing which investors find really profitable and exciting. However, you first need to understand how stocks work, since stocks are a preferred type of asset for the experienced investors.

Binary brokers offer different stocks which you can predict the price of. Among the most popular stock assets are Google stocks, Apple stocks, Coca Cola stocks, Deutsche Bank stocks etc. The selection of the stocks assets vary depending on the broker and the platform you are using. Some offer just the most popular assets, while other, serious brokers even offer investments on local stocks, depending on the location of the trader and the country which the broker is situated in.

Using the preferred binary option type, the investor can make their predicaments for a certain asset from the category of stocks. Commodities can be the perfect assets for those who are just entering the binary options trading world. They are a reliable low-risk investment method, and can serve you well for gaining experience before stepping up your game. The most popular assets from the commodities are gold, silver, oil, coffee, etc.

Commodity trading is considered a low-risk trading, since it is the easiest to predict according to many investors. Considering the current economic state in the world, the golden rule says that in the majority of cases, the value of the commodities will go up in the given time frame. Keep that in mind! Trading with indices is considered to be the most difficult type of trading. Indices prices can go up and down the entire time — and have really small changes in value, making it difficult to predict their value at the expiry time.

That is why indices are usually chosen only by the most experienced investors, and newbies are not advised to jump to trading with indices until they gain some experience and confidence. The variety of the indices depends on the broker you have chosen. Serious binary brokers offer indices from many countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, Japan, France, etc. Binary brokers offer these four categories of assets to its customers, but the vastness of each category depends on the broker you are working with.

While Currencies and Commodities are considered to be relatively easier to trade with, still, the risk is always present. On the other hand, Stocks and Indices are considered to be riskier, since their value can go either way in a spit of a second.

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1/11/ · When you’re trading stocks, for example, you are limited to one asset. The good thing about Binary Options is that you are free to choose your assets. You can choose between 17/11/ · Best time to trade Binary Options; The currencies. Trading between 5 am to 12 pm (GMT) Trading between 12 pm to 7 pm (GMT) Trading between 7 pm to 5 am (GMT) #1 You can choose on what basis to trade the best assets to trade binary options assets – most of them are traded on hour.. If you think the index will be above $3, at 11 a.m., you buy However, if you trade after the U.S. market hours (saw 7PMAM EST or so), you might actually be best off trading a currency pair containing one or both of the JPY (Japanese yen) or AUD 10/2/ · Binary options trading is like a bird's center view of the economy. Information technology'southward a blazon of trade where people predict the direction of a item nugget or 20/10/ · The binary options include assets like stock Indices, Forex, Stocks, and Commodities, and you can place your trades in any of them. Although they are available all ... read more

Are Binary Options Signals a scam or not? With the weekend binary options trading, everyone can gain. This approach just does not work in some market place environments. You can also trade by categorizing them under the exchanges responsible. Irrespective of what kind of trading conditions you prefer, establishing perfect trading time with these markets is necessary.

Therefore, this will be represented by the redline falling below ten. Some brokers limit this to a specific amount which often depends on your account level. These are the standard times when the binary market opens and closes. Política de privacidad y cookies. Threescore-second binary options are the exact opposite of long-term binary options. You can always contact customer support to know the trading times for your desired assets.